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Doug was THE driving force behind the Highly Successful and Dynamic Branding of 'Color Loco' & 'Blendy Pens'. He has a great talent for hitting and far exceeding any target drawn. Doug's eye for design brings a richness to every project that far surpasses anything I have seen before.


Julia Benben, Systems Strategy Consultant

The LaunchFlow


Chameleon Art Products

Chameleon Art Products, UK.
Successful global launch of an innovative art products company.




• Positioning
- "Changing Color" worked beautifully to describe the primary function of the product line as well as the impact they would have on the industry.


• Packaging Design
- The biggest challenge there was 16 languages on each package to streamline global distribution.


• Advertising Concepts and Executions

across all Social Media platforms as well as print.


• Sizzle Videos


• Static and Animated Social Media Posts


• Web Design


FREETOES "The Original Flip Flop Sock!" was created by an 8 year-old girl wanting to extend the Canadian Flip Flop season into cooler weather:) As well as a Fashion item, we discovered market extensions by offering them to Pedicure Salons, Yoga Studios and Dance Schools.

Services Provided Included:

• Branding

• Product Design

• Packaging

• Social Media Adverts and Promotions

• Retail Sales Materials and Displays

• Amazon Store Set-up and Maintenance

• Website Design

K8 in the news:


Morning Show

Dragon's Den!



26&2 Hot Yoga Online Program

This is a"Passion Project on Steroids" for myself and Julia Benben. We LOVE this series of postures but were frustrated when deep dives into the postures weren't available. So we took it on! We collaborated with 8 world renowned teachers to create and produce this amazing content


Over 150 Videos!

5 videos per posture


• Positioning
- "Sweat Smarter." worked beautifully incorporating a key element in the series with the educational aspect of the course.

• The Course Itself
- A huge undertaking to build and deliver online. We did everything from researching platforms to creating of the UX through to building the back-end to actually being able to sell it! Sounds kinda simple but there was soooo much we needed to learn to get this amazing course off the ground!


• Sizzle Videos and Splash Pages

Lotsa fun here!

Course Landing Page

• Static and Animated Social Media Posts

Posts on Facebook and Instagram several times a week.

Toy Industry Branding

I spent time between 2005-2015 primarily doing work in the Toy Industry for National as well as International Companies. Here's a little splash of work: